Church of Scientology of Orange County Hosts Award-Winning Golden Age Theater

The Golden Age Theater delivered a special evening of entertainment with a Latin beat.

The Church of Scientology of Orange County hosted a unique presentation January 26—a performance of One Was Stubborn by the Golden Age Theater of Hollywood.

The show featured actor Gino Montesinos, who has guest-starred on CSI:NY, 24 and ER and has appeared in supporting roles in the movies Collateral, Cellular and Bruce Almighty.

More than 130 neighbors filled the grand Chapel of the Church, which held its grand opening in June 2013 in the beautifully refurbished historical landmark that was once home to the Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center.

To introduce the predominantly Latino community of Santa Ana to the literary legacy of L. Ron Hubbard, there was a Latin touch to the entire production: The play was rendered in Spanish and the opening act was a rousing performance of traditional Mexican dances by the talented young women of Santa Ana Girl Scout Troop 1918.

One Was Stubborn was presented in the style of a vintage radio drama: a live performance delivered on stage with costumes, music and sound effects. It is the tale of “Old Shellback,” the most stubborn man in the universe, whose very stubbornness is the key to thwarting a plan designed to destroy life as we know it.

The Hollywood-based Golden Age Theater has been touring the country bringing rollicking good fun to people in cities throughout the U.S. Their reenactments of L. Ron Hubbard’s classic tales from the Golden Age of pulp fiction have received CBS Radio’s highest four-star rating. Contributing Arts and Entertainment Critic Todd David Schwartz called the Golden Age Theater “Southern California's most refreshingly unique entertainment experience,” with “the sensations of old-time radio, compellingly crafted tales by award-winning writer L. Ron Hubbard.”

L. Ron Hubbard’s Stories from the Golden Age comprises a total of 153 stories all written by Mr. Hubbard during the 1930’s & 1940s. For more information on L. Ron Hubbard and his works visit