Scientology Brochure Tells What is Behind 50 Percent Drop in Colombia Crime

A new brochure released by the Church of Scientology features the remarkable results from permeating an entire nation with The Way to Happiness message.

In 2004, the United Nations described the Colombian conflicts as “the worst humanitarian crisis in the Western Hemisphere.” Less than a decade later, crime rates have dropped by 50 percent and Colombian tourism has increased to a level beyond any other Latin American nation. According to senior Colombian police officials, much of the credit for this change goes to The Way to Happiness, a nonreligious moral code based entirely on common sense, written by author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The grassroots movement that brought The Way to Happiness into the hands and homes of people throughout Colombia began with a well-known Colombian actor and comedian. To reach his entire country with the message of this booklet, he not only handed out copies at performances, he also created a unique showcase for its 21 precepts—a presentation he has performed for more than 150,000 civilians and military personnel.

Next, a colonel in the Colombian National Police joined the endeavor. He and his officers distributed copies of the booklet to tens of thousands in the northern coastal city of Cartegena. With the subsequent 27 percent drop in crime, Cartagena was declared the safest city in Colombia.

The movement continued to build momentum with Colombian police conducting The Way to Happiness seminars for three million people and handing out booklets to 20 percent of the population, helping reverse the crime and violence of an entire nation.

The Church of Scientology and its members are proud to share the tools for happier living contained in The Way to Happiness with all who work to build a better world. For more information, visit

Scientology: How We Help—The Way to Happiness, Creating a World of Honesty, Trust & Self-Respect is one of a series of brochures presented by the Church of Scientology International to meet requests for more information about the Scientology religion and its support of global humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs.