Masonry Contractor Building for the Future Through Relationships

Masonry contractor and Scientologist Guy Bowman takes pride in everything he does—whether building a structure, creating a relationship or raising a family. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Working in masonry for the past 29 years, Scientologist Guy Bowman loves to create, but not just with bricks and mortar. This attitude extends to building relationships with friends and family too.

Learning about Scientology was a turning point for Bowman, who admits he found it none too soon.

“When I was a teenager I practically wrecked my life with drugs,” he says. “I went from an A student to flunking nearly every course I took. I finally hit rock bottom and I knew it. It was so bad, I dropped out of school—I had no idea what I was going to do next.”

That was the day he started back up.

“A family friend named Phil was building a chimney up the road and asked if I wanted to help,” says the 48-year-old Toronto native.

This began Bowman’s lifelong love of masonry. But that was not all his friend helped him with that day. A Scientologist, Phil told Bowman about the Purification Rundown, a detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard that enables an individual to rid himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals that lodge in the body and create a biochemical barrier to spiritual well-being.

“It got me off the drugs and I felt great,” he says. “And then with the help of Scientology spiritual counseling I was able to confront why I started using drugs in the first place. It completely changed my life.” 

There was something else that intrigued Bowman about Phil—the ease with which he got along with others.

“I was the classic shy teenager. I really wanted to be able to communicate—especially with girls,” Bowman says. “Scientology spiritual counseling and a communication course took care of any problem I had talking to anyone about anything.”

Bowman’s company is a family business that prides itself on customer service and giving clients what they want. Son Aaron, 22, works with him, and wife Jess oversees the marketing and promotion in addition to holding a staff position at the Church of Scientology of Toronto.

“Family is a big part of my life,” says Bowman, who delights in being a hands-on father to 14-month-old daughter Emily.

“Through Scientology I have gained an understanding of my spiritual nature. I don’t get stuck in day-to-day worries,” he says. “I feel young and energetic. And the future looks great.”

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