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Seeking and Finding that "Something More"

How hockey buff Jason McKinnon uses Scientology to win in the game of life. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

“In a hockey game, you always know where you stand,” says Jason McKinnon.

But when it came to relationships—that was a game the hockey enthusiast could not predict and he certainly couldn’t win. He was really not happy about that state of affairs.

And McKinnon had some other even more fundamental concerns as well.

“I used to wonder, ‘Is this it? Is this all? You wake up, you work, you go to bed, you work, you live until you die?’ There had to be something more,” he says.

McKinnon mentioned these problems and thoughts to a longtime friend who understood exactly where he was coming from. A Scientologist, she suggested a visit to her Church.

One Scientology introductory course later—the Personal Values and Integrity Course—and McKinnon had cracked the code on all of his past failed relationships.

“I saw the reason I was sabotaging them,” he says, “and why you get that feeling that you know you have to leave but don’t know why. I’d never had that kind of realization before. From there, I knew that things could get better—that I was on the right track.”

Reading books by L. Ron Hubbard coupled with Scientology spiritual counseling helped him find his own answers to the questions that had bothered him, dispensing with the anxiety he felt when it came to the big picture.

One day, while taking the puck to the goal in a game of hockey, he felt things click into focus. All of a sudden he noticed he was four paces ahead of everyone else. He felt full of energy and yet utterly calm. He was seeing everything around him vividly. He’d never played the game better.  

As to relationships, the success he has made of his marriage to wife Erica, 28, is proof positive a guy can change, he jokes.

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