Meet a Scientologist:

The Magical World of Carl W. Röhrig

Swiss artist unlocks his creativity to develop a fanciful view of life.

With an impish grin, Geppetto-like mustache and a flourish of paint on canvas, artist Carl W. Röhrig, 63, of Dottikon, Switzerland, opens a window into another universe in a video published March 22 on the Scientology Video Channel.

Founder of “Fantastic Naturalism,” Röhrig, whose work has appeared on the covers of Geo, Stern and Der Spiegel magazines, has created more than 3,000 paintings and 1,500 illustrations.

Scientologist Carl W. Röhrig entering house
Meet Swiss artist and Scientologist Carl W. Röhrig

“Scientology has given me a huge amount

of peace and stability.”

An artist since childhood, Röhrig says “I have always tried to bring funny, comical and fanciful things into the world of images. I wanted to tell stories to people—good stories.”

Carl W. Röhrig painting at desk
Carl W. Röhrig painting at desk
Carl W. Röhrig painting at desk
Carl W. Röhrig at his desk with paintings
Röhrig has been an artist his entire life.

Röhrig describes how it was the Scientology Communication Course that brought him out of his shell. “I was kind of a quiet fellow and did not like to talk a lot,” he says.

Through Scientology he has gained the tools, ability and confidence to handle anything that comes up in life. “Scientology has given me a huge amount of peace and stability,” he says.

Watch the Carl W. Röhrig Meet a Scientologist video on the Scientology Video Channel.

artwork from Carl-W. Röhrig
artwork from Carl-W. Röhrig
Some of the magical works of Scientologist Carl W. Röhrig.
artwork from Carl-W. Röhrig

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