Say No to Drugs Brussels Helps Youth With the Truth About Crack Cocaine

Drug prevention is more vital in Brussels than ever before, says the Say No to Drugs Association, a nonprofit sponsored by the Brussels Branch of the Churches of Scientology for Europe.

The use of crack has exploded in Brussels over the past few years, especially among the homeless. And dealers, seeking new customers, hang out around local schools to lure kids into its use. The fact is, however, that those experimenting with this substance can become addicted the first time they try it.

Say No to Drugs President Julie Delvaux says the importance of drug prevention is still grossly underestimated. “It is vital to inform young people, parents and teachers about the truth about drugs,” she says.

To reach out to youth before the dealers do, the Say No to Drugs Association of Brussels brought their drug education and prevention initiative to the popular Percusounds Festival in the heart of Brussels August 25-27, sharing the unvarnished truth about drugs with those attending.

New police data released by the Belgian Ministry of the Interior shows that the Brussels neighborhood of Saint-Gilles has become a hotspot for crime. And according to a recent article in Politico, “survey data from Transit, a local help center and shelter for people with drug and alcohol addiction, found that crack was the most consumed substance among hard drug takers in 2022, used by 67 percent of people surveyed.”

Crack is the crystal form of cocaine. According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s Truth About Cocaine booklet, crack is not only the drug’s most potent form, it is also the riskiest.

The Say No to Drugs Association distributes information kits containing 14 booklets on the most commonly abused substances, from crack and cocaine to heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs.

Throughout the weekend, the Say No to Drugs festival booth was filled with parents, children and teens, social workers, teachers and representatives of other nonprofits asking for more information, wishing to partner with the association, and taking materials to use in their own drug-prevention activities.

Volunteers handed out more than 10,000 Truth About Drugs booklets over the weekend.

Active in Belgium for more than 20 years, the Say No to Drugs Association, sponsored by the Church of Scientology, is the Brussels chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

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