Scientologist and  Conservationist Yvette Taylor: Promoting Effective Solutions to Environmental Crises 

Featured in an episode of ’Meet a Scientologist,’ Yvette Taylor is Executive Director of The Earth Organization, whose mission is education and the implementation of effective solutions to bring about far healthier conditions for all life and the environment. 

The work of conservationist Yvette Taylor has particular significance today as the world celebrates Earth Day 2021, according to the Church of Scientology International. 

“There’s a very delicate balance in all ecosystems on planet Earth,” says Taylor, Executive Director of The Earth Organization, in an episode of Meet a Scientologist on the Scientology Network. “That is part of the overall message of what we’re trying to do in conservation—to bring back that balance.”

Founded by legendary South African environmentalist and humanitarian, the late Lawrence Anthony, with projects in South Africa and across the world, Earth Organization promotes “cooperative ecology,” emphasizing the interrelatedness between all species. 

“If those bonds are strong, we all survive far better than we did before,” says Taylor. “But you get a number of species that are under threat at the moment. Rhino, we’re losing 1,000 a year and when you actually hear those numbers, you realize how absolutely critical and serious those issues are.”

In addition to running game preserves and other programs to save endangered species, The Earth Organization stresses the isolating and promoting of effective solutions for other environmental crises including:

  • Clean water: It is being depleted or contaminated at an unprecedented rate but it is a fundamental necessity for all life 
  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Harmful chemicals and pollutants.

“If we don’t correct our environment and our behavior toward the environment,” says Taylor, “the planet is at stake.”

To learn more about Taylor and her work to stem environmental disaster, watch her episode of Meet a Scientologist on the Scientology Network.

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