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February 5, 2020

Church of Scientology Statement Concerning Val Haney Lawsuit

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, the Church of Scientology won a decisive victory. Tabloid lies may fly on “reality” TV, but they do not hold up in court. That was the conclusion of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, confirming what the Church has said for years—lies told for profit will never be anything more than lies told for profit.

Whether using her own name, Valerie Haney, or Jane Doe (her original scam pleading), it was Leah Remini who arranged for Haney to take her inflammatory allegations to court, knowing they were false. The judge rejected Haney’s arguments entirely. Those arguments were no more credible than all the lurid stories used to flank this baseless lawsuit.

From the moment this lawsuit was filed, the Church said that Haney was a pawn in Leah Remini’s moneymaking scam and that the suit would fail. It did. This was Remini’s leading case in her coordinated harassment scheme. The Church won.

The real story about the Church of Scientology and its expansion is available at as well as through the Scientology Network shows on DIRECTV Channel 320 and