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Coming Together to Bring Help and Hope

Community Action Plan in Kansas City to locate the needs of the community and organize volunteers to provide those services.

Kansas City is home to many groups and an abundance of services. But what happens when people in need are not aware help is available? Perhaps some will go without, but others may become desperate and turn to crime. “There is plenty of talk about the factors which contribute to the discontent, crime, and violence in our city, but now there is a new plan of action,” says Bennette Seaman, Public Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology Kansas City.

Volunteers are hitting the streets to go house to house and find out what the people in the city need. From this information, volunteers connect those with a need to a group that can help. Assessments are also done of blocks and neighborhoods to document needed services and schedule volunteers to do cleanups, yard work, and minor home repairs.

“This is the type of unity we need in Kansas City, people from all types of groups and religions, stepping up to work together and bringing hope and help to our community.”

The first walk was on Tuesday, February 25 and the plan is to have three to five of these a week. “This is the type of unity we need in Kansas City, people from all types of groups and religions, stepping up to work together and bringing hope and help to our community,” says Seaman. “The people we have spoken with so far are extremely thankful that others are coming to them. It sends the message that we as a community do care and we see them.”

The first step of the Community Action Plan is to find out what local residents need. This is done by the old fashioned method of going door-to-door and ringing doorbells.

For over a month, Community Unity Luncheons at the Justice and Dignity Center have been bringing community leaders, groups, and volunteers together, not just to talk about what is needed but to actually get things done. Through this effort, the Community Action Plan was put together and announced a few weeks ago. The plan includes an online calendar to schedule assessment walks and follow-up cleanups, yard work and other projects, so anyone from any group can sign up to take part in a project when they are free to help. These luncheons also include giveaways, to provide resources to community groups and leaders so they can each do more to help. They have distributed meat to groups and churches over the past few weeks, who then see that these vital supplies get to the people they serve.

Seaman says, “coming together to create a safer, happier Kansas City for everyone—that is the theme, the goal we are all working toward. We cannot sit back and leave everything to officials. The time for change and unity is now and we are joining forces to make a positive difference.”

The Church of Scientology Kansas City supports humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs to enrich the lives of Kansas Citians. The Church celebrated its grand opening November 2, 2019, in the Crossroads Art District. For more information, visit their website at

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