Aaron Kyro, Skateboarding with Self-Confidence

Aaron Kyro makes the most difficult skateboarding moves seem easy. Greater belief in himself increased his ability in his sport. As his self-confidence and self-esteem improved through Scientology, so did his skateboarding skill. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on the Scientology website at

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, skateboarder Aaron Kyro illustrates how Scientology helps him remain relaxed and natural as he executes the toughest skateboard tricks.

Born and raised in Montana and skateboarding since he was nine, Kyro moved to San Francisco seven years ago for the weather and the great skateboard spots.

“My entire life was encompassed by skating, learning new tricks, doing things I hadn't seen before and just seeing what I could create on a skateboard,” says Kyro.

“I just like the feeling of going fast and doing tricks and it’s an accomplishment every time you land something that was really hard for you—that you thought ‘I will never be able to do that.’ And skateboarding is amazing because there’s no limit.”

Yet, as good as he was, Kyro, 27, sensed something was holding him back. “I had a lot of insecurities, and I wasn’t where I needed to be to really achieve my goals,” he says.

In search of an answer to this, six years ago Kyro bought and read a copy of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. “This was completely amazing,” he says. “You just understand how the mind works.”

As he gained more knowledge of life through his Scientology studies, his outlook improved.

“Before, it was a lot of strain and ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ With a positive attitude you can literally learn any trick you want to know in as little time as you would take to actually do it,” Kyro says.

“I can really do more of what I want to do instead of what people tell me I should do,” he says. “Scientology has really stabilized me as a person. I am confident in who I am, where I'm going and who I want to be.”

Kyro has continued his studies of Scientology and each year is better than the year before. This year has been special for Kyro for two important reasons: the launch of Kyro’s new website and his wedding—both in April 2010.

The website makes it possible for skateboarders from anywhere on Earth to share videos, get and give tips, ask questions and receive advice from other skateboarders.

As to the wedding, Kyro and wife Danielle, also a Scientologist, are confident they can take on challenges in their marriage, their careers and any other aspect of their lives.

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