Meet a Scientologist: Anna Koska—Mother, Illustrator, Humanitarian

Anna Koska, full-time mother, accomplished illustrator and activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS, relates how Scientology gives her tools to excel in every aspect of her life—part of a series of “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website.

In a video filmed in her studio at home in Sussex, England, Anna Koska, who calls herself “a full-time mum and a part-time illustrator,” talks about the priorities of her life.

“You've got this balance you have to maintain of helping your children, directing them a little bit, but not restricting them,” Koska says. “Scientology has given me the tools to do that. It keeps my children on top of their game of growing up and smoothes out any ripples that may occur.”

While family comes first, lest her description of herself create the impression that art is merely a hobby, Koska, 43, has illustrated more than 100 books.

She also serves her community as a local magistrate and says the skills she has gained through Scientology assist her in this capacity as well. “It gives me a clarity and a patience that allows me to assess the situation in the courtroom and handle appropriately, without reacting to what is going on.”

In addition to her commitments to home, career and community, Koska is an ardent activist in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

In support of the SafePoint Foundation established by husband Marc, also a Scientologist and featured in a Meet a Scientologist video, this energetic mother of three flies to Tanzania in October 2010, where she will climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a four-woman team to raise funds for a public awareness campaign.

With the message “one injection—one syringe," SafePoint educates children, mothers, nurses and community groups to refuse injections from pre-used needles.  Each year in Tanzania alone, 20 million injections come from syringes contaminated with blood carrying the HIV virus.

Marc Koska invented the world’s first auto-disable syringe—a device that self-destructs after one injection, preventing the spread of disease through repeat injections from a contaminated needle. To date, SafePoint is credited with saving over 9 million lives.

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