Bernard Duffy—Five Decades in Scientology

Nonagenarian Bernard Duffy can look back on more than five decades as a Scientologist.

In 1956 Bernard Duffy attended a lecture that changed his life.

At the end of World War II, Duffy, who had been in telecommunications in the Royal Navy, got a job in London with the phone company. From there he found a position in a private firm with offices and job openings in Ireland.

“Right from the start, Scientology helped me improve my ability and increased my understanding of people and problems.” Bernard Duffy (90)

This was an opportunity he had been hoping for. The son of Irish parents who had moved to England in their youth, to Duffy a move to Ireland was a homecoming.

It was while he was working in Dublin in 1956 that Duffy ran across an item in the paper that asked, “Are you interested in personal efficiency?”

“I was,” says Duffy.

Looking into this further, he attended an hour-long introduction to Scientology and was amazed at how much difference it made. He immediately felt an increase in self-confidence and self-worth, which helped him confront and handle the more difficult situations in his life.

“Everything in Scientology is done on a ‘gradient,’—a gradual, step-by-step approach,” says Duffy. “Right from the start, Scientology helped me improve my ability and increased my understanding of people and problems.”

Through Scientology, Duffy overcame shyness and gained the confidence that enabled him to open his own company and succeed. Now 90, he has a practical and energetic philosophy that has stood the test of time. 

“I never worry about problems,” he says. “I size them up and take effective action. It’s really a matter of taking responsibility for people and circumstances. When you refuse responsibility you deteriorate—when you take on the challenge, you grow.”

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