How Cindy Gainsforth Turned her Life Around

Scientologist Cindy Gainsforth neé Chu achieved her true potential through Scientology. Her video is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Cindy Gainsforth knew she had some problems, but she had no idea how to remedy them.

“I graduated from high school as a barely passing student. I couldn’t get accepted into college. I had a lot of difficulty writing and speaking clearly,” she says.

Her Aunt Pat, a Scientologist, suggested her parents enroll their daughter in a course at the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles—it had helped many students greatly increase their literacy and ability to study and learn.

“That course completely changed my life,” says Gainsforth, 31. “I was able to focus, I knew how to achieve my goals. I became an excellent student.”

Accepted at Pace University in Pleasantville, New York, where she majored in chemistry and minored in mathematics, Gainsforth finished four years of college in three and graduated magna cum laude at the top of her class, garnering the highest academic achievement award and many others. Highly versatile, she first worked professionally as a chemist before moving into business and technical management, and now she directs the public relations, sales and marketing activities of a prominent software firm.

“This was all a direct result of my Scientology training,” she says.

Immediately after graduating from college, Gainsforth returned to LA and continued her Scientology studies. It was while she was studying there that she met future husband Zack Gainsforth, 33, also a Scientologist. They moved to the San Francisco Bay area where Zack was attending the University of California at Berkeley, married in November 2004, and son Orion was born five years later.

“We wanted a unique and special name for a very special being,” says Gainsforth. “We chose Orion—not only a Greek hero but also one of the most prominent constellations and beautiful nebula.”

Gainsforth balances her job with marriage, motherhood and supervising students who are interning as Scientology and Dianetics spiritual counselors at the Church of Scientology of San Francisco.

“My communication skills, my ability to get things done, my drive and purpose were all actualized and fine-tuned through Scientology training. I had the potential, but it is with Scientology that I really blossomed and was able to tap into this potential,” says Gainsforth. “Through Scientology and Dianetics spiritual counseling, I also overcame several severe losses that would have overwhelmed me otherwise.

“I meet so many people who are stuck in broken dreams, living day-to-day without purpose, and I know how close I came to living that way myself. But thanks to what I have gained through Scientology I am achieving my goals. It is truly amazing what L. Ron Hubbard accomplished in developing Scientology, and I am eternally grateful that he did.”

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