David Tapia, Insurance Agent and Family Man

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David Tapia is a husband, father of three boys, owner of an insurance agency and a Scientologist.

Tapia grew up in Lakeland, Florida, and fell in love with high school sweetheart, Heather. Son Brenden was born soon after he graduated.

But three years later, relationship problems had put their future together in question. That was when Heather’s stepfather, a Scientologist, offered to help.

“He didn’t want to see us unhappy and he certainly didn’t want us to break up,” says Tapia. “He suggested we take some courses at the Church of Scientology of Tampa, and in a matter of weeks we resolved our problems. We’ve never looked back.”

But even though he continued to use what he learned in those Scientology courses, Tapia didn’t become a Scientologist for another two years when he attended a Dianetics seminar.

“In the seminar, everyone pairs up and uses Dianetics techniques to help each other. That’s when I realized what this was really about,” he says. “I found a lot of answers that I’ve always been looking for.”

Learning academic skills through a course in Study Technology at the Tampa Church, Tapia found it easy to earn his bachelor’s degree in business even though he was working full-time as an insurance agent.

Six years ago, the family moved to Clearwater, Florida, and in 2007, Tapia, now 31, opened his own agency.

“People told me it would be hard, but I use the administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and we’ve grown as much in the past three years as most agencies take seven or eight years to do,” says Tapia. “And I still have time for the family and my Scientology training and spiritual counseling. I have found that the better I’m doing spiritually, the easier everything else goes in life.”

Their family has expanded too. In addition to Brandon, now 11, there is three-year-old Dylan and five-month-old Luke. And nothing makes Tapia happier than the time he spends with his wife and sons.

“I have a beautiful wife and three terrific kids,” he says. “They are all special, and the baby is amazing—Luke has this magical smile that makes people feel good just to be around him.”

“Everything I’ve learned in Scientology I’ve been able to apply right away,” says Tapia. “It has almost been too simple. I think, ‘is it really that easy?’ And it really is. So every day, life just gets better and better.”

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