Meet A Scientologist: Heike Vierheilig Overcomes Anxiety Through Scientology

Heike Vierheilig of Berlin knew something in herself sometimes prevented her own happiness and success. Through Scientology, she found and overcame her “inner enemy.” Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on the Scientology website at

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, Heike Vierheilig, now confident and self-possessed, tells what life before Scientology was like for her. 

Consumed with anxiety and fear, it was like being strapped into an emotional roller coaster.

“I was not doing well,” says Vierheilig, 41, of Berlin, Germany. “One day good—one day bad.” It was as though something inside her was fighting her and wouldn’t let her be happy.

“I always had problems—in life, at work,” she says. But all that changed when she attended a Scientology seminar with her sister. What she heard made sense and wanting to know more, she read Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard. “I am a skeptical person,” she says, so she tried the procedures in the book on herself. That was a turning point. “It really helped. I felt better, and the data in the book was so applicable in my life.”

As she continued her study of Scientology and put to use what she learned, she began to put order into things and so resolved longstanding differences with her parents. “I was no longer introverted,” she said. “It was easier to approach people.”

Vierheilig tackles things when they come up now, without fear of consequences. “On the job, when an argument breaks out, I can resolve it. People come to me with their problems. I enjoy being able to really help them,” she says.

As a mother, Vierheilig finds Scientology enormously useful as well. She doesn’t get rattled when her daughter has an “insurmountable” problem, difficulties with studies or gets sick. “I can simply remain calm—I know I can help her and I do.”

“Scientology made me more stable and content. I am no longer afraid of life as I used to be. There is no pressure to be successful, all that has disappeared,” she says. “Life has just become easier for me. Now I can say I love life, which I could not say before.”

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