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Cosmetologist Helga Rekanati Calls it “Permanent Good Luck”

How cosmetologist Helga Rekanati uses Scientology to work everyday miracles. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

“Yes, it works, I thought to myself, but let’s see when it stops,” Helga Rekanati says of the administrative technology she began using in her cosmetology business. “And then it never did.”

Founder and owner of the Helga Cosmetic Centers, Rekanati, 45, studied Chinese medicine to get a better grip on health and beauty, which she’d long been interested in. Through an extensive trial and error process—blending vitamins, minerals and herbs—Rekanati developed her own skin cream and dermatology process that she knew could be wildly successful with clients.

She had struck gold and didn’t have the means to get the word out. Her business was going nowhere.

That is, until 1998, when Rekanati received a survey in the mail from the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). On a whim, she called the number she found on the survey, scheduled and received a consultation, and walked away with a few tools she planned to take for a test drive.

It was like she had found and flicked the “on” switch.

“The first week, I thought—‘it’s luck. And the next week I said—‘my luck is holding.’ And it just kept working. I went from working alone, 12 hours a day, a single mother with no time for myself or my children, to managing a staff of 25 and running my own show,” she said. “I create miracles every day.”

The administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Rekanati explains, enabled her to establish order in her work life and distinguish and define the different aspects of a once-confused business scene. It all became terribly simple, she says.

Rekanati had been searching for answers since childhood. She studied every philosophy she could get her hands on—general, Jewish, Chinese—but she wasn’t finding answers. Her success with WISE made Rekanati curious about what else L. Ron Hubbard had to offer her.

She had heard about Scientology so to find out she decided to go to the Scientology Center in Tel Aviv. After a Communications Course and Scientology spiritual counseling, Rekanati noticed another major shift in her life.

“I began taking my thoughts and translating them into words. I felt free to speak!” she says. “I had fallen in love with a man and I had the courage to march over to him and tell him so. He is now my husband.”

The guiding principle she has adopted for her lifer is “Flourish and Prosper,” from Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Rekanati has taken the tip and run with it, and she has no intention of stopping now.

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