Meet a Scientologist—The Beautiful World of Karla Bartholomew

Scientology auditing—spiritual counseling—inspired Scientologist Karla Bartholomew to venture into the art world as a professional.

One of Scientologist Karla Bartholomew’s earliest memories is of a painting of the Grand Canyon by American artist, Thomas Moran. The painting, which hung in her grandmother’s home, has continued to inspire her work as an artist to this day.

I painted and drew for years, but it was only recently that I started displaying my work and considered painting as a career,” she says.

Although Bartholomew studied art in college and through private lessons with artists she admired, raising a family and running her antique store consumed her attention and energy over the years. It was only in 2002 that she ventured into the art world as a professional, inspired by Scientology auditing—spiritual counseling.

“Through this auditing, my abilities increased at a rapid rate,” says Bartholomew. “I became more aware and moved into a new level of aesthetic perception, ability and appreciation. And not only did my ability to create increase dramatically, but life also became much more fun.”

In 1968, Bartholomew was introduced to Scientology by a college friend. Her first experience with pastoral counseling helped her overcome the loss she had after her longtime boyfriend married another girl.

“Scientology auditing relieved the upset and I was able to look toward to the future instead of being stuck in the past,” she says.

Through Scientology, Bartholomew found answers to her most fundamental questions about life and the world in which she lived.

“The late 60s were a very controversial and unsettling time,” she says. “I had started to really look at the world scene and wanted to take more responsibility. I was studying Eastern religion at the time to resolve my many questions about life, death, and why people are the way they are. Scientology confirmed what I already knew—that I am a spiritual being—and gave me the answers I was looking for.”

Scientology training helped her understand what makes people tick. And it gave her practical tools to help herself and others.

“I had always wanted to find a way to help people because I saw so much misery in the world. I have without a doubt found a way to do this with and in Scientology.”

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