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László Király: From Frantic to Fully in Control

László Király feels happier, more energetic and younger at 53 than he did at 39. Scientology brought back the stability, control and joy in his life. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

There was nothing much wrong with László Király’s life by ordinary standards.

He owned and operated his own business in Budapest, Hungary. Granted, he worked 12 hour days and could never quite catch up, much less get ahead, but isn’t that the way business is?

He had a wife and three children. If they didn’t talk to each other much, at least he and his wife were still together and the kids weren’t in trouble—yet—he hoped.

The only thing wrong was…the ordinary. Király never wanted an ordinary life. He lived hard and worked hard. He didn’t just “ride a bike,” he raced. And he didn’t compete in “ordinary” races, either. His favorite competitions were ironman triathlons—750m swim, 20km bike race, 5km run, held back-to-back in a single day.

No. Király was under no illusion that life was going along just fine. But he had no solution—a very uncharacteristic position for him to be in.

So when he received a survey in the mail in 1997 from a consulting firm that claimed they could help him improve his efficiency, Király checked it out.

“The consultant was trained in administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard,” says Király. “They showed me how to implement basic tools in my business such as an organizing board that lays out the flow of production and the functions everyone holds. They put in a simple communication system and a way to monitor production throughout the week. The stress levels immediately went way down and the profits went up. It was magic.”

Recognizing L. Ron Hubbard’s brilliance in management and organization, and learning he founded the Scientology religion, Király decided to find out more. Now that he wasn’t spending every waking hour trying to keep his business going, Király had time to check it out.

To his amazement and delight, what he learned in Scientology about life and the mind was even more impressive than the technology that salvaged his business.

Király introduced Scientology to his wife Eva, 53, and his children, Danielle, 14, Robert, 20, and László, 27, and they became as excited about it as he was.

“Scientology has brought stability to my life,” says Király, who now effectively handles in 1 1/2 hours a day what it used to take 12 hours to deal with ineffectively. “My problems at work are gone. Every member of my family is doing great.”

And what does he do now with all the time he saved? Király holds an executive position at the Church of Scientology of Budapest where he helps others learn what Scientology has to offer them and their families.

“Life was not meant to be ordinary,” says Király, “It is an exciting adventure, not a miserable affair. And with the tools you learn in Scientology, anyone can win in the game of life.”

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