Meet a Scientologist—Lisa Cummins

The video interview of Lisa Cummins, released October 22, is the latest “Meet a Scientologist” video on

Growing up, Lisa Cummins had her eye on a very important career—being a mother.

“I decided very young I was going to have four kids and a boy first,” she says. “That’s what I have, and they’re best friends.”

But although her goal held steady, when she studied Scientology her concept of parenting changed radically.

“I realized that your job as a parent is to help them find their own way so they’re winning and flourishing and prospering, able to communicate, able to reach for their goals and their dreams,” she says.

In fact, Cummins credits what she learned in Scientology for her success as a parent.

“The precepts of Scientology gave me so many tools, from the time they were babies, through their teens and into high school, and now they're doing great,” she says.

While her kids were growing up, her life revolved around them—homeschooling, being a Girl Scout troop leader, driving them from one activity to the next. All four now grown, she has launched into a new career in photography and design, and again, what she has learned in Scientology has held her in good stead and enabled her to work with and help other artists.

“Scientology helped me really appreciate the importance of the artist, as he or she has the ability to uplift people and society,” says Cummins. “Many people make less of their abilities. I love to help them rehabilitate their creativity.”

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