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Meet A Scientologist: Ski Champ Uses Scientology Skills To Teach Daredevil Sport

LJ Jaxon, award-winning skier, has used Scientology to hone his skills and expand into entirely new areas. His profile is one of 150 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on the Scientology website at

In a video featured on the new Scientology Video Channel at, LJ Jaxon talks about the secret to great skiing.

"It's an exhilarating sport and that is why so many people love to do it and go to great lengths to actually do it," says Jaxon, who has developed a system called the “Perfect Turn”—a system of drills that helps anyone, from the first-time skier to the seasoned professional, increase dexterity and timing.

Jaxon, 25, started LJJ Productions following a competitive career in which he won the world team hot dog championships in Lake Tahoe in 2001 and 2002.

It was through skiing that Jaxon first came into contact with Scientology.

He tells the story: "Skiing brought me to Scientology. I had started training with another professional skier, Bob Salerno, a renowned world freestyle champion from the 1970s. He introduced me to Scientology, how to use Scientology techniques in handling people, helping people accelerate their learning, helping people understand processes are simple that would otherwise seem intricate."

Jaxon found that using Scientology Study Technology, a precise method of how to study and learn, he could help novice skiers attain confidence on the mountain their very first time skiing.

"I found that using these techniques, I was actually teaching people about 10 times as fast as they would have normally learned," Jaxon says. “It was so simple for them to learn and duplicate the information they needed to be on snow and to be successful.”

Jaxon recalls one instance in particular. "I had a student come to me who said 'I heard about you and I want to buy these lessons from you because I heard you’re the best.' She had a severe knee injury, and I was still able to teach her over the course of a couple of months what it would have taken her about three years to learn without Study Technology.”

Study Technology is not the only Scientology tool that has helped Jaxon and his students. He credits the basics of communication and confronting as the key to success on the mountains.

"In competition your nerves can go absolutely wild, so being able to confront the course, be there comfortably, and demonstrate in that one and a half minutes everything you’ve got, is where you win or lose a competition. "So just that skill alone is invaluable to any professional athlete, and it is definitely the reason I was able to win."

Jaxon’s skill and drive is not limited to skiing. An accomplished musician, composer and singer, sports commentator and a fitness and alpine sports expert on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles, Jaxon has added an entertainment division to his production company, producing music for motion pictures, television and commercials.

With his own native ability and drive coupled with what he has learned in Scientology, Jaxon conducts his life with an intensity destined to make him a winner in any field he pursues.

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