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Scientology got Matt Sharp Back into the Game

Scientologist Matt Sharp has the self-confidence that comes from understanding how to deal with challenges in life. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Matt Sharp always worked hard and played to win. But right after college he struck out over a problem he simply couldn’t handle.

“I was an able guy,” says Sharp, 27, “but life threw me this curve and it caught me unprepared.”

A Target National All-Around Scholarship Winner, U.S. Army National Scholar Athlete, Sharp set his sites on the Major Leagues. But he wasn’t prepared for the competitiveness of professional sports. When he ran into conflicts he couldn’t resolve, he found himself on the sidelines and he opted out.

“That was a real shock for me,” says Sharp. “I had always been able to make things work, just by being myself. I was raised a Scientologist but I never felt the need to learn it before this occurred. That’s when I buckled down and started to study Scientology.”

Taking courses at the Scientology Church in Clearwater, Sharp learned how to deal with stress and discovered what lies behind irreconcilable conflicts. He learned the tools to handle these and other challenges in life.

Sharp began working in real estate and marketing, where his friendliness and outgoing nature made him a natural.

“I also studied some of the administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard and use it every day on the job,” says Sharp. “I enjoy my work and consistently hit the targets I set for myself.”

A hard worker and optimist, Sharp is always open to new experiences.

“I recently landed a part in an independent film and am trying my hand at screenwriting,” he says. “From studying Scientology I know what to do if I run into barriers or stops in life. That makes it much more fun to try new things.”

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