Meet a Scientologist—The Energetic Meghan Panek

Scientologist Meghan Panek proves the point that good things come in small packages.

Meghan Panek is a 4-foot-9-inch ball of energy whose favorite activity is—work.

Scientologist Meghan Panek

She not only loves her job in real estate sales and management, but any kind of work: housework, cooking, baking gourmet Italian chocolate cakes….

“I just love turning things into a product,” she says.

What she likes best about Scientology is the communication skills she learned. These are not only the basis of the camaraderie she loves so much at her Church and at work, but they give her the edge on her job.

“What I do is sales and negotiation,” she says. “I meet new clients and agents every day. When you can make people feel comfortable and understand their concerns, it makes a huge difference.”

Her hobby—outdoor sports—is consistent with her energetic nature. Panek, 29, was born and raised in Northern California where snowboarding and hiking were her favorites. Now living in Clearwater, Florida, she still enjoys snow sports on yearly trips home to visit family, and it was backpacking in her new home state that brought her together with husband Sean.

“There was a coffee house in Clearwater where I used to hang out with my friends,” she says. “That’s where we first met. One day, Sean asked if I’d like to go camping. That was unusual. I said yes, and we did, and we got along great.”

A Scientology Volunteer Minister, Panek traveled to Alabama in 2007 to provide disaster relief.

I drove all night with other Scientology Volunteer Ministers to southern Alabama and found boats in parking lots and windows blown out everywhere,” she says. “We unloaded trucks and passed out food and water to hundreds of families needing help, working 13 hours straight. This went on for days. I wouldn’t have done anything different. It made a lot of difference to those we met that we were there—that it was not just official agencies helping them but ordinary people.”

But no matter the circumstance, in good times and bad, whether creating a gourmet layer cake, providing relief, or finding the perfect property for a client, Panek strives to achieve the highest standards she can possibly attain.

“I like going beyond what is expected to a highly professional level,” she says.

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