The Practical Idealism of Merel Remmerswaal

Always an idealist, Merel Remmerswaal found the perfect fit for herself in Scientology.

Merel Remmerswaal always believed in creating a better world.

Now she is focused on accomplishing her purpose through the community programs and humanitarian activities of the Church of Scientology of Amsterdam.

Scientologist Merel Remmerswaal promoting drug-free living

“My personal goal is to create an environment where people respect each other—to build trust among people,” she says.

She loves meeting people and helping to forge common goals. On any given day, she may be found conducting a seminar on human rights, hosting an open house at her Church, or encouraging youth to lead drug-free lives—her favorite campaign.

“I like to help people avoid making serious mistakes they will later regret—things I know will ruin their lives, like using drugs,” she says.

In the summer of 2010 Remmerswaal coordinated a 10-day anti-drug marathon. Seven volunteers, five of them former addicts, ran throughout the Netherlands, meeting with officials in the cities of Lemmer, Horn, Lelystad, Almere, Amsterdam, Medemblik and Urk to promote drug education.

“Nearly everyone has a story,” says Remmerswaal. “A mother trying to deal with her child who is on drugs; the man concerned about the youth in his neighborhood who have become more and more violent since they started smoking joints; a father whose son, a 20-year addict, has been moving from one institution to another but always reverting to drugs in the end. I am always reminded of the misery drugs cause and the importance of drug education.”

Remmerswaal, now 26, was 18 and in college when her parents became Scientologists. New to the religion themselves, they were unable to answer the many questions she bombarded them with and suggested she come with them to the Church.

“My sister and I attended a Dianetics seminar and I got a copy of Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard,” she says. “Reading the book I realized I had found what I was looking for—a very practical way to accomplish my goal of helping people deal with the problems they face in life. That’s when I became a Scientologist.”

Within a year, she had joined the staff of the Church of Scientology of Amsterdam.

“I love my work,” says Remmerswaal. “I have always been an idealist, but now I can do something effective about my dreams—every single day.”

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