Beauty Salon Owner Loves Making People Look Good and Feel Great

Scientologist Natasha Lin of Pingtong, Taiwan, takes pleasure in training her staff and designing exactly the right hairstyle for her customers. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

“I love styling hair,” says Scientologist Natasha Lin, “designing hair styles that my customers love—styles that really suit them. I enjoy the creativity, and what’s great about it is when you make someone look good it helps them feel good.”

A savvy businessperson, Lin, 39, of Pingdong, Taiwan, began her cosmetology career as a salon apprentice and gained new skills one after another, learning every facet of the profession. She now runs a chain of seven hair salons with 60 employees.

Learning about Scientology five years ago, what most interested Lin at first was the administrative technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard—his discoveries on organizing groups and establishing communication systems. Implementing this know-how in her business, she was able to smoothly expand her operation.

Lin put to use what she learned in Scientology not only at work but also in her personal life.

“Every Scientology course I have taken has improved my life,” she says.

She credits the Overcoming the Ups and Downs in Life Course with helping her gain stability and judgment. Studying about the emotional tone scale improved her ability to predict how people will act and react at work and socially. And she found the Personal Values and Integrity Course particularly beneficial.

“I was able to raise my ethical standards and help my colleagues and employees do so too,” she says. “I think that is the reason we all get along so well.”

Lin loves working with her staff to ensure they know their jobs.

“What I like to do most is train them in the techniques of the trade so they become more able,” she says. “I love to see them do well.”

Enthusiastic and self-determined, Lin takes great pride and pleasure in her work.

“My customers and my staff are my friends,” she says. “You can tell when people are really doing well—their eyes shine. The most valuable thing in life is to help others do well and feel good about themselves.”

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