The Scientology Wedding of Owen York and Tiffany Condon

Owen York and Tiffany Condon were married in a Scientology wedding ceremony. Based on fundamental Scientology principles, applying the wedding vows can ensure a happy and successful relationship. York’s video is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Scientologist Owen York is an artist, and his engagement and wedding to Tiffany Condon glowed with his signature aesthetic touch.

The couple met at the Church of Scientology of Chicago, but their relationship actually started in December 2008 after York had moved to Florida, and it began over the phone.

“After a couple of weeks of phone calls, I knew, whatever it took, I was going to marry her,” York says.

It was two months later on Valentine’s Day that York, 32, proposed after a romantic evening of theater and dinner.

“He read me something he wrote for me. It was so beautiful. Then, with a shy but excited smile he got down on his knee, asked if I would marry him, and offered me the most stunning engagement ring a woman could ever wish for. He left me speechless—literally,” says Tiffany, 28.

“She forgot to answer for a moment,” says York.

“In my mind I had already answered yes,” laughs Tiffany.

The wedding was in Chicago, the city where York grew up and where Tiffany lived for many years.

“It is home to both of us,” says York. “We had friends and family come from Florida, California, Oregon, all over. My twin brother was best man and he did a nice job of embarrassing me with his speech. I only regret I couldn’t get him back—he is already married with kids.”

Tiffany's aunt, a Scientology minister, officiated at the ceremony.

Many of the guests were not Scientologists, and the couple was delighted that the ceremony resonated with them all. The marriage vows stress that communication is the key to ensuring the love they felt on their wedding day would continue unchecked through time.

“We wanted our wedding to be special, memorable and a lot of fun, and it went exactly the way we intended,” says York.

To ensure the success of their marriage, the couple adheres to another principle in their relationship, the importance of which was brought home to them in their Scientology training. “We are very honest with each other, always,” says York.

“You sometimes hear that being single and ‘playing the field’ is popular or in vogue,” he says. “But I will take happily married any day.”

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