Paul Ceberano: Forwarding Two Family Traditions: Karate and Scientology

Paul Ceberano, an accomplished black belt in Goju Karate, develops confidence, discipline and self-reliance in his students. He speaks of his love for his pupils and his art in a video in the “Meet a Scientologist” section of the Scientology website.

Scientologist Paul Ceberano

Paul Ceberano, Shihan (Master) of the Ceberano Martial Arts Academy in Melbourne, Australia, is the eldest son of Karate legend Tino Ceberano, founder of the International Goju Karate School.

Beginning his study of the martial art under his father at the age of five, Paul Ceberano has been teaching Karate for more than 30 years. His own eldest son is now also a teacher at the Academy.

Open and extroverted, Ceberano, 46, enjoys meeting and working with people. Teaching Karate is his passion in life.

Karate, however, isn’t the only family tradition. Cebrano is also a third-generation Scientologist who uses Scientology in every aspect of his life. And the technology of study developed by L. Ron Hubbard forms the central philosophy in his teaching of martial arts.

Mr. Hubbard discovered that if a student fails to grasp the definitions of the words in a subject, he will be unable to apply what he has learned, and may abandon the subject entirely.

“I’m teaching a Japanese subject—I’m teaching with Japanese words,” says Ceberano. He takes care to ensure his students understand the meaning of the words. A seemingly simple concept, but the difference between success and failure in any endeavour.

This ancient skill is an art form, used for self-defence, says Cebrano.

“For me, Karate is about avoiding a situation. I don’t want someone to ever get into a situation. If they are fully aware of what’s going on, what’s going on around them, then I'm happy.”

The Ceberano Martial Arts Academy works to foster fitness, confidence, focus, discipline and respect in its students. What Ceberano values most is “loving and being passionate about what you do and taking responsibility for other people and things, not just yourself.” His greatest satisfaction is watching the children leave his academy with smiles on their faces and knowing that they’ve improved their lives in some way.

“I feel privileged,” he says. “I get to do what I love doing and I get to change people’s lives.”

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