Scientology Helped Pedro Prado
Regain the Joy in Living

Scientology helped Pedro Prado transform a life of anxiety to one of joy, love and personal pride. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Eight years ago, Pedro Prado hit a crisis in his life, and the future looked bleak.

“I felt I didn’t have time for anything, and I was completely and constantly overwhelmed,” says Prado.

A painting contractor from Puerto Rico, the joy Prado used to find in his wife and daughters was buried under feelings of anxiety and worry over seemingly unsolvable problems at work.

“At home, playing with my daughters, I was actually consumed by the stress from work, I could not take my mind off my problems,” he says.

A casual suggestion from a friend changed all this. The friend, a Scientologist, suggested Prado come with him to the Scientology Church for some help with what was bothering him.

“When I walked into the Church I was at odds with my business partner. I was tremendously frustrated. I didn’t even want to run my business anymore,” says Prado.

An introductory course and a Scientology book called The Problems of Work changed the way Prado viewed his profession, and became the cornerstone of how he handles work, relationships and practically every other aspect of life.

“It pointed out what I was doing wrong with my business and showed me how to improve my communication with others, my relationships with clients, with my family, with my teammates at work,” he says. “I felt like my energy and purpose in life returned.”

As he continued with his Scientology studies, his attitude toward work completely changed. What used to be a source of dread became a welcomed challenge.

“The majority of your day is spent at work—it is the greatest part of your life—so it is important to enjoy it,” he says.

Since that point eight years ago, Prado, 41, has continued to use Scientology to make his life at home a joy and his work a pleasure. He introduced his wife to Scientology, and she improved her own career from what she learned. Together, the Prados have used Scientology principles in raising their daughters to be more self-determined and happy in life.

“Since being a Scientologist I have become a very positive person because Scientology gives you the tools to improve your life,” says Prado. “With your own participation and a certain level of courage and integrity, there is always a way to solve a problem. You can create your life and be truly happy.”

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