Meet a Scientologist—Peter Hayward’s African Safaris Combine Luxury and Adventure with Sustainability

In a video featured on the Scientology Video channel, Peter Hayward credits L. Ron Hubbard administrative technology with the success of his safari operation.

Scientologist Peter Hayward, founder of Hayward’s Grand Safari Events & Expeditions, is passionate about preserving the natural resources and culture of his native Africa. His five-star luxury safaris inspire global government and business leaders and celebrities to champion sustainability.

“If one redirects the huge amount of finance that companies are willing to spend to access exotic overnight destinations, and then add this to the money spent on prank-filled activities and no-point entertainment to spice up the event for the bored delegates, one has the makings and the budget available to kick-start a remote village’s economy and still provide the participants with an authentic wildlife camp experience,” says Hayward.

Chairman of the Breeding Endangered Species Trust and active in rhino preservation since the early 1990s, Hayward, 54, brings civic, industry and cultural leaders to protected southern African rhino preservation projects. They assist officially appointed veterinary surgeons in their preservation work, including applying tracking devices and obtaining blood for DNA testing. Other tours invite VIP groups to become involved in off-the-grid villages where sustainability is part of the fabric of the community.

The impact of this approach is clear in the statement of one corporate executive who participated in a Hayward’s sustainable safari.

“We cannot continue wasting money on silly pastimes that in no way enhance the event and then leave behind unfavorable impact and a legacy of poor sustainability,” he wrote. “If we do not protect our environment or factually assist those that are the custodians of it, there will be no such thing as tourism in the future.”

Hayward’s clients gain hands-on knowledge of Africa while partaking in the luxury of a world-class hotel. From the deserts of Namibia to the beaches of the Indian Ocean, in a wild game preserve or alongside a remote African village, Hayward’s tented safari camps provide guests every amenity, from five-star 12-course dinners and entertainment to a full-service spa and hair salon.

Using the administrative technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, in 1999 Hayward transformed a once-failing family safari business into an unqualified success. Within five years, Hayward’s Grand Safari Events & Expeditions had won the Best Event In The World Award from EIBTM—an annual global meetings and events exhibition—followed by the 2004/2005 Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa’s “Imvelo” award for responsible tourism.

Hayward learned about Scientology from a copy of the Scientology Handbook his sister left at his house.

“I opened it and started reading. I was blown away,” he says. “Being involved in working with execs on a team-building and productivity module, it was like discovering the goldmines of Shiva—a treasure cove. I apply Scientology every minute of the day to get things done in my safari operations.”

Through his use of this technology, Hayward has created a thriving socially conscious business. By encouraging leaders to learn sustainable practices from the people of Africa, and experience the beauty of the continent and its animals firsthand, he aims to preserve these precious resources so that they may be enjoyed by generations to come.

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