Pino Gangi Dino: Youth is a State of Mind

At 29, Pino Gangi Dino was a wreck, physically and spiritually. Nearly three decades later he is full of energy and drive. What caused this metamorphosis? His video is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

It is as though he is growing young, not old—that is how Pino Gangi Dino views his life before Scientology and since.

In his video at, Gangi Dino, a real estate developer and entrepreneur from Milan, Italy, admits he was not in good shape in 1982 when he first walked into a Scientology Church.

“Although only 29 then, I was pain-ridden and consumed with problems,” says Gangi Dino.

Job stress had him so embroiled, his hands would shake and he couldn’t sleep at night.

A friend recommended he take a course called “Success Through Communication,” and the results were more than he had hoped for.

“It was amazing—the stress at work seemed to vanish,” he says.

And as he continued studying Scientology, everything became easier.

“Before, I had to depend almost exclusively on luck,” he says. “I was so confused and scattered I couldn’t cause anything. I would ‘hope’ a client would buy a property from me, but ‘it was really up to him.’ I had to rely utterly on the other guy. Life was worry, worry, worry—doubt, doubt, doubt. Scientology pulled me out of that and got me going.”

The insomnia and overwhelming tiredness was gone, and in its place was boundless energy and excitement about work, life—everything.

“My attitude became ‘OK, there are the problems? Good. Let me at them.’ And I simply tackled them.It was easy,” he says. “Life should be full of victories, satisfaction and joy. To me, that is what life is.”

At age 56, when his friends are beginning to retire, Gangi Dino is in his prime.

“I have learned in Scientology that the future depends on me—my attitude and my skill,” he says. “I am a very satisfied man.”

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