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Artist and Mother
Rikke Jørk Takes Pleasure in Creating

Scientology helped Rikke Jørk of Copenhagen, Denmark, become self-confident and successful as a mother and artist. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on the Scientology website at

“My whole life is different now from the way it was,” says Scientologist and artist Rikke Jørk.

Introduced to the Scientology religion by a friend nearly 20 years ago, she bore little resemblance then to the self-assured woman in her “Meet a Scientologist” video at

“Looking back, I was very unhappy—I guess you could even say I was depressed. I really had no friends to confide in, and although I knew I had talent, the obstacles to a career seemed insurmountable,” says Jørk. “Any time I set a goal for myself it seemed circumstances conspired to make it impossible.”

When she enrolled on the Scientology Communication Course, the result was immediate and striking. She found it much easier to relate to people and form friendships.  And what she learned in Scientology had a major impact on her art.

“As my self-confidence and ability to communicate increased so did the quality of my art,” Jørk says. “I can express myself so much better than I could before. And my ability to visualize a concept and create it on a canvas has improved dramatically.”

To Jørk, being a mother is of paramount importance, and her grounding in Scientology principles has made that responsibility a pleasure.

“Children have a right to their own self-determinism,” says the mother of two. “They are not some different kind of creature—they are spiritual beings who deserve to be treated with respect. I try to be their friend, while guiding them in the right direction. And they are enthusiastic, healthy, considerate children.”

Jørk and her husband enjoy a happy and stable marriage. And although life still holds plenty of challenges, she faces the future with confidence.

“Scientology has given me the tools to reach the goals I want in life,” she says. “I love creating beautiful paintings and a loving home for my family. And whatever happens I have a way to handle it.”

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