Artist Robert Blehert, Batting 1,000 

On Sunday July 24, 2011 baseball fans at the Twins game left Target Field with a work of art—a poster by artist and Scientologist Robert Blehert.

When commissioned to create a poster in honor of former Minnesota Twins’ pitcher Bert Blyleven, Seattle-based artist Robert Blehert was ecstatic. A dedicated sports fan, Blehert was on hand at Target Field July 24, 2011, to autograph copies of the poster that was presented to fans in honor of Blyleven’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota where I started off every morning by reading the sports section,” says Blehert, whose days still begin that way today. “I was 16 when I watched my first Blyleven game 40 years ago.”

Blehert discovered art at the age of three, watching his older brother Dean perform magic—changing a flat piece of white paper to a life-like face with the use of a pencil.

“I was amazed,” he says.

It was also his brother who introduced him to Scientology in 1972 when Blehert was 17.

“I really admired Dean, so when he recommended I enroll on a communications course at the Church of Scientology of Twin Cities I did,” says Blehert. “The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Church was how much I felt at home. And the course was a turning point for me. I can vividly recall walking out on the street after practicing communication drills. For the first time in my life I was completely comfortable look people righting in the eye. The stress I used to feel in relationships was gone.”

As much as he loves sports and the challenge of capturing motion on canvas, Blehert cannot be simply classified as a sports artist. His work spans many other subjects and genres from florals and still lifes to portraits, and impressionism to the style of the Old Masters. Posters and canvases of baseball, basketball and tennis greats are captured in their moment of glory, while the 2005 portrait of Pope John Paul II, commissioned by Seattle Archbishop Brunett, conveys the warmth, and compassion of the beloved pontiff.”

Blehert, 56, says Scientology has helped him enormously in his career and life.

“It’s hard to express how much I have gained,” he says. “Through studying the books and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard I have gained tremendous understanding of myself and others.”

Blehert is committed to helping artists succeed in their chosen field. In May 2011, he presented a seminar entitled “Art and Prosperity” at the Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre Nashville, Tennessee, and another is scheduled for November. Its goal—to help the artist achieve his or her full potential, which Blehert sees as a social as well as an aesthetic mission.

“As artists, we can influence the civilization toward a renaissance. That is my goal,” he says.

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