Sam Butler Brings it All Into Focus

Scientologist Sam Butler: his voice and vision.

As a child, Sam Butler was known as the boy who was always asking "Why?"

That hasn’t changed.

Through Scientology, he gained answers he sought about life and the spirit. But this also opened an entirely new zone to his questioning: Why, with all the technology we can leverage today to resolve material needs, do so many resort to drugs to “solve” their problems, and are millions still deprived of basic human rights?

“I have very strong views about certain subjects I believe need to be addressed in society,” says Butler. “I want to channel my energies toward the improvement of these social ills.”

Butler’s work—web development—allows him the time and wherewithal to pursue his love of photography and music and his passion for human rights and social reform.

“I don't believe in conforming to social norms that blind us to what is important,” he says. “By being myself and thinking for myself, I have learned more than I ever could have if I had simply waited to be told how to live.”

Born in Yorkshire, England, in 1987, Butler owned his first camera when he was five and his first Windows PC when six. His musical interests include drums, flute, trumpet, acoustic and electric guitar, and singing (which he mainly does in the shower these days, he says).

“Both of my parents are Scientologists and were very careful to allow me the space to make my own decisions about religion,” says Butler. “I attended Christian schools, was involved with a number of denominations through various activities I was engaged in during my childhood and studied religious education at school. I began studying Scientology when I was 15.”

When his friends started experimenting with drugs, Butler turned to the Church-sponsored drug education campaign to provide them drug education materials that helped them decide to quit.

“I have always wanted to help people, whether through first aid skills I learned in Scouting, teaching music to youngsters, or just giving advice to those around me,” he says. “I volunteered at my Church, working on our community activities including the drug education campaign.”

A delegate to the last two International Human Rights Summits in Geneva, Switzerland, sponsored by Youth for Human Rights International, Butler, 23, is founder of Photographers United in Support of Human Rights (PUSH). He also holds a staff position at the Church of Scientology of Manchester, England, where he coordinates the Church’s humanitarian campaigns for northern England.

“My purpose has always been to help others,” says Butler, “and this is a group with the same purpose. It’s so much more rewarding than just clocking on, doing your bit and clocking off at 5 or 6pm. And my work with the Church is very exciting and varied, from managing the logistics of people arriving from countries around the world, to preparing major events, to designing and writing publications, and public speaking—my first engagement was before 300 EU dignitaries. But what I like most about my work is knowing I am making a difference.”

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