Meet a Scientologist
Sandra Poveda: Smiles All Around

In the “Meet a Scientologist” video published on on October 18, 2012, Sandra Poveda of Bogotá, Colombia, tells why she’s almost always smiling.

Dentist Sandra Poveda has a philosophy of life that drives her work. From the time she entered Universidad del Bosque at age 16, she knew what she really wanted to do was to make people smile.

“My job is a joy to me,” she says. “As a dentist, you not only help people with discomfort or pain, but you also improve their appearance. People who were afraid to smile before can do so now. A beautiful smile makes them look their best. And when I see that smile on their face, I am smiling too.”

 Poveda learned about Scientology from a fellow dentist whose success in life intrigued her. What he described so closely aligned with the way she thought life should be, she was eager to find out more.

“Being a Scientologist means ensuring others do well,” she says. “It isn’t something you have to believe—it is something you apply to life. I don’t play the game of ‘today I win and I make you lose.’ No. Scientology is a game in which everyone can win.”

With her sense of adventure always leading her to do new things, Poveda is excited about the future.

“Nothing is impossible,” she says. “Every day, I feel more alive. Life is here and now. Scientology has given me tools for life and the future is full of new dreams to achieve.”

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