Meet a Scientologist:

School Principal Fiona Milne, Helping the Next Generation Thrive

As the daughter of a minister, wanting to help people came naturally to Fiona Milne. But it wasn’t until she learned about Scientology that she found out how.

When Scientologist Fiona Milne of Sydney, Australia, learned about Study Technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, she also found her calling in life.

Milne grew up in a religious family. ”My father was a minister of religion and he was very interested in helping people lead better lives,” she says. “So for me, that was perhaps an inborn idea that you grow up to help people. And I still believe that an important part of growing up and your education is your ability to help others.”

Following her parents advice she studied nursing, but she ran into trouble.

“I was very distressed about my nursing exams,” she says. “I met a young man who was a Scientologist and he introduced me to the Study Technology and I was empowered as a student. From that point on I decided I wasn’t going to let children suffer how I’d suffered in the classroom. I went back to university and then studied my post graduate degree in education.”

Scientology also helped Milne as a wife and mother. “Being a Scientologist helped me raise my children with understanding,” she says. “It also led to us having a nice, calm household. Constantly busy, always very active, but very seldom was there an upset in the household because we also knew how to handle upsets very quickly.”

Sydney Scientologist Fiona Milne with school kids
Fiona Milne is headmistress of Athena School in New South Wales, Australia.

Sydney Scientologist Fiona Milne with kids in class
kids in class, sydney
Milne describes how the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard gets miraculous results.
Sydney Scientologist Fiona Milne with kids in class

It was when her children were young that she became involved in establishing a school that uses Study Technology. “I have been working here at the Athena School for 25 years now,” she says.

Milne describes how using this technology gets miraculous results. One example was a young man who didn’t like science. She applied a simple technique of clearing words that he didn’t understand. “After sitting down with him for a few minutes and defining the word science and the purpose of science, he’s now one of our most enthusiastic young scientists.”

Milne finds her life very satisfying. “I’m doing what I want to do and the rewards from that are amazing,” she says. “I really, truly love seeing my graduates and hearing where they are around the world and the impact they are having. They go out from here knowing they can help someone else.”

Scientology has given her the tools to handle the various situations that arise in life and to understand and help people. “Instead of being effect of what’s going on in their lives, I can help them do something about it,” says Milne. “It’s a real joy being a Scientologist and being part of a community that can help their fellow man.”

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