Serena Zoccatelli: A Simply Happy Life

In her “Meet a Scientologist” video on, Serena Zoccatelli and her family are happy, relaxed and at ease. Life wasn’t always that way.

Serena Zoccatelli used to find her name ironic—she was anything but serene.

“Confusion, doubts, uncertainty.” That was how Zoccatelli characterized her life—the way it used to be.

But that was before her husband Andrea introduced her to Scientology in 1999.

“Scientology helped me change my entire approach, and life became so simple. Where it was all very difficult and complex before, now it is just a pleasure,” she says. “I enjoy my life.”

Since adolescence, Zoccatelli had been agonizing over hundreds of unanswered questions. She would look and ask, but the solutions people offered didn’t prove out in life.

“They only left emptiness and disappointment,” she says. “I felt hampered by an inability to create meaningful relationships. And I wanted a clean break with my past.”

To Zoccatelli’s surprise, the first Scientology class she took, The Anatomy of the Human Mind Course, answered many of her nagging questions. And life has continued getting better and more understandable ever since.

She found that Scientology stresses communication skills, and the better she learned to communicate, the better she did as a parent, a wife, at work—in every aspect of her life.

“Scientology has definitely helped me with my marriage,” says Zoccatelli. “Andrea and I can talk to each other about anything.”

She says the common-sense rules of organization she has learned in Scientology are useful in her work in the fashion industry, as is her aesthetic sense, which Scientology training has helped her hone.

With newfound confidence and certainty, she finds it easy to reach out to help friends and even strangers.

“I met a 19 year-old girl who was having to face life alone—she had lost both her parents. I gave her a DVD—The Way to Happiness book on film,” says Zoccatelli. “She didn't understand why I gave it to her until she started watching. The concepts it presented helped her face life with a far more positive attitude—she said it was the next best thing to having her parents there to guide her in the moral laws of life.”

In brief, through Scientology, Zoccatelli can calmly say: “I enjoy my life. I am happy and, yes, serene.”

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