Swedish Businessman Uses Dianetics to Help People Overcome Life’s Problems

Self-confident, outgoing and certain about his future, Scientologist Ted Lundin of Stockholm, Sweden, is focused on helping others. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Businessman, Scientologist, and Dianetics spiritual counselor, Ted Lundin of Stockholm, Sweden, puts people first.

Four years ago, already self-employed and doing well in life, Lundin learned about Scientology from a friend. And what he heard impressed him.

“Here were simple truths about life and the mind,” he says. “I always knew I was a spiritual being, but I was lacking in practical tools to help myself and others. I was amazed at the simple way L. Ron Hubbard presented in his books and lectures the knowledge I was looking for.”

Dianetics is what interested Lundin most.

“In the Dianetics book, Mr. Hubbard describes the mental mechanisms that cause psychosomatic illness, drive people to irrational behavior, and make them unhappy,” says the 29-year-old Stockholm native. “And the technology is something anyone can learn.”

Lundin was overjoyed to discover he could truly help others with Dianetics counseling.

“The death of a parent, husband, wife or child can take a terrible toll,” says Lundin. “It is not unusual for an experience like this to trigger a serious decline in a person’s health and well-being. I helped a woman whose baby died many years ago. She had locked the incident away for decades, never speaking about it to anyone since. But it gnawed away at her and practically destroyed her life. Now, through Dianetics counseling, she has come to terms with the loss and experienced tremendous relief.”

Committed to helping people with this technology, Lundin supervises the Dianetics Seminar at the Church of Scientology of Stockholm. And nothing makes him happier.

“Every week, people who are completely new to the subject watch the Dianetics DVD, pair up, and give and receive the benefits of this technology. I’m there to help and answer any questions they have,” Lundin says.

“It doesn’t take seven years of training to help someone. Of course, that’s not all there is to the subject and the Church provides professional Dianetics training, but with this seminar, in a single weekend newcomers to the subject are ready to give and receive Dianetics counseling in a supervised setting, and they do just great.”

Self-assured, confident and outgoing, Lundin plans to marry in January and couldn’t be more optimistic about the future.

“People often think the solution has to be complicated and take a long time because their problems seem so immense. That isn’t true,” says Lundin. “It is amazing what Scientology and Dianetics can help you accomplish.”

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