Tina Boskov Puts Family First

Scientologist and Dianetics counselor Tina Boskov of Copenhagen, Denmark, credits Scientology with the harmony of her home. Her profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

What matters most to Tina Boskov is her family. Scientology has helped her create a happy marriage and a positive environment in which to raise her son.

Boskov was introduced to Scientology in 1992 by her husband, Danish singer-songwriter Ole Boskov, who had learned about the religion from his idol, jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea.

“We heard that the Church offered a course called ‘How to Start a Successful Marriage,’ says Tina Boskov. “Since we were both committed to making our marriage work, we decided to enroll. I firmly believe the reason we are together after 18 years is because of what we learned in those first few weeks.”

A Scientology principle that has been the cornerstone of their married life is the importance of communication.

“To be honest, this was something we had trouble with before,” she says. “On the course we learned the formula for communication and how to use it to keep our affinity for each other high. It was amazing how effective it was and continues to be all these years later.”

Boskov, 46, became a Dianetics counselor, and she used what she learned to help her friends and family. One of the most gratifying experiences she had with Dianetics was when she helped a close friend overcome claustrophobia.

“It really limited her and made her life difficult. She couldn’t even use an elevator or drive on a highway because at any time panic could set in,” says Boskov. “After the Dianetics session we did, this was gone. It was a miracle!”

Boskov, who runs a bookkeeping service, considers son Phillipe, 9, her highest priority.

“Through Scientology I learned the importance of letting a child contribute to the family,” she says. “He loves to take responsibility for his chores. I encourage him and let him be himself. I know how to help him when he gets upset and it never lasts long. He is a happy, self-confident child.”

“My life before Scientology was good,” says Boskov, “but my life since being a Scientologist has been even better. Scientology gave me the tools to make it that way!”      

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