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Optometrist Todd Staniszewski Finds a New Way of Looking at Life

Scientology confirmed optometrist Todd Staniszewski’s belief in the importance of honor and integrity. His profile is one of 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos available on the Scientology website at

Todd Staniszewski had achieved his goal in life. So why, then, was he so dissatisfied?

In his “Meet a Scientologist” video on, the 41-year-old optometrist explains:

“When I first started working, all I knew is I wanted a successful practice. I didn’t know what to do with it though," Staniszewski says. "We got really busy. Everything was disorganized. I had gotten what I wanted—I was making good money and seeing patients and the practice was growing—but at the same time I was probably the least happy I’d been in my life.”

That was why he sought assistance with his Clarkston, Michigan, practice in 2002.

On display on the wall of his consultant’s office was a framed quote that Staniszewski found fascinating. It was The Code of Honor by L. Ron Hubbard.

“Here were precepts that were really significant to me—the importance of personal integrity, loyalty to friends and being trustworthy—I was completely blown away,” he says.

He wanted to know more about the man who had written this and about the religion he had founded—Scientology.

“I’d always been looking for something as a kid,” he says. “And I’d always felt a bit out of place. I was discouraged by the unworthy motives and injustices I saw in life. Sometimes I would even think, ‘How did I end up here?’”

The first Scientology book Staniszewski wanted to read was An Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

“That book explained so many of the unanswered questions I had when I was growing up. It really aligned with how I thought and the way I looked at life. I don’t quite know how I managed without it,” he says.

“I get up each day happy. I enjoy coming to work, which I didn’t before. And I feel that anything that comes up—I can handle it,” he says.

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