Meet a Scientologist—Tommy (Min-Chao) Hung

Tommy Hung couldn’t shake the despair he felt from a romance that ended badly. Then Dianetics helped him understand why and freed him from the emotional burden.

At 23, Tommy (Min-Chao) Hung of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, knew he should be happy—after all, he had a great career and future ahead of him. But the truth was he was miserable and he saw no way out.

Just a year earlier he had completed his training and launched a career as a radiologist at the Chong-Keng Hospital in Kaohsiung—a highly skilled job through which he provides lifesaving help to cancer patients. Yet in spite of accomplishing this important goal, he was not a happy man. And although he knew the cause of his depression, he did not know how to pull out of it.

“My girlfriend had broken up with me and I was despondent,” says Hung. “She was always on my mind.”

It was against this background that Hung attended a seminar at the hospital by a colleague, Dr. Oliver Hseuh, with a glimmer of optimism. The subject Hseuh was covering was Dianetics.

“What Dr. Hseuh said that day in 1994 made complete sense to me,” says Hung. “For the first time in a year, I felt some hope. And when I used the technology, that was even better. It worked.”

With Dianetics, not only did Hung come to grips with the loss he had suffered, but he also restored his self-confidence and optimism. Life took on a new dimension for him. Where he had been living in the past, now he once again felt he had a future.

“We decided to establish a Dianetics club at the hospital to help the staff avail themselves of this technology,” he says. “This formed the foundation of the Church of Scientology Mission of Kaohsiung, which Dr. Hsueh opened a few years later.”

Hung, an executive at the Kaohsiung Mission, carried on with his work as a radiologist, a job he finds tremendously rewarding.

Scientology has helped me so much in my work,” he says. “The communication skills I learned make dealing with colleagues and patients a pleasure. While the radiation treatments are vital to their recovery, I think the relief patients experience just from having someone who listens to their concerns is also key.”

As to relationships, Scientology helped Hung change his decision “never to let himself be hurt again.” He found himself once again looking forward to marriage and raising a family. Here too he has found success.

Hung describes his relationship with his wife as ideal, and the couple use what they have learned in Scientology to help their son, 10, grow up in an atmosphere of trust and confidence, where he can achieve his full potential.

In his early 20s, Tommy Hung felt as though all pleasure in life was over. Now, he looks to the future with a feeling of excited optimism.

“I find great joy in my family and my work. I love helping people. My life has totally changed because of what I have gained in Scientology,” he says. “I want to provide the best for my wife and son and to help make it possible for everyone in Taiwan to benefit from Scientology.”

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