Scientology Volunteer Ministers: Making Life Even Better in One of the World’s Happiest Countries 

Scientology Volunteer Ministers brought new optimism and tools for life to the city of Aarhus—Denmark’s second-largest city.

Through the beautiful Scandinavian summer, the Church of Scientology European Volunteer Ministers Cavalcade welcomed Aarhus residents and visitors to their bright yellow tent. There, they provided new perspectives and reasons for even greater optimism. 

The city of Aarhus dates to 750 at the dawn of the Viking Age. It is known for its commitment to the environment and for its forests, beaches, world-class architecture and art. 

Each year, Denmark traditionally ranks among the top three “Happiest Countries of the World.” Nonetheless, visitors to the tent were eager to make even more of their opportunities. 

Although Scientology Volunteer Ministers are probably best known for their international disaster response activities, Continental Cavalcades travel to major population centers in their zone to introduce communities to the program. Inside their signature yellow tent with the motto “Der kan gøres noget ved det” (Something can be done about it) on the canopy, visitors are introduced to the 19 bodies of technology developed by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard for the training of the Volunteer Minister. There are booklets and courses containing tools for healing troubled marriages, rescuing people from drug abuse, improving literacy and communication skills, resolving conflicts, setting and accomplishing goals, and administering Scientology assists—techniques that speed healing by addressing the spiritual and emotional factors in stress and trauma. 

Among the visitors to the Aarhus tent was a woman who wanted to help her son overcome his addiction to hashish. She left with a copy of the Answers to Drugs booklet containing drug education and tools to help an individual free themself from drugs. 

Another found the How to Resolve Conflicts booklet particularly interesting. He told one of the Volunteer Ministers about frequent conflicts at his workplace. He was eager to apply this technology to resolve them.     

An economics student visiting from Rotterdam wanted the Technology of Study booklet. He saw in it the key to improving his comprehension and ability to apply what he was learning.

A woman who had recently finished training as a nurse confided to the Volunteer Ministers that working in the profession was not what she expected it to be. She always felt too rushed to communicate with the patients and she was frustrated by her inability to provide anything but physical help. Looking through the panels that describe the 19 subjects, she realized she was lacking in fundamental communication skills and was eager to learn them with the Communication booklet.

A woman was suffering from aches and pains from an old injury. “My car accident happened 31 years ago,” she said. She received a Scientology assist. She said it relieved some of the bad energy in her ankle and foot and the pain went away. She was amazed to realize that her “good” leg and “bad” leg now felt the same.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers program is a religious social service created in the mid-1970s by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. It constitutes one of the largest international independent relief forces. The Volunteer Minister’s mandate is to be “a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others.” He further stated, “A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”

The Volunteer Minister program is expressly intended for use by anyone of any culture or creed. The training is available free of charge from the Volunteer Ministers website in Danish and 16 other languages  Anyone may train as a Volunteer Minister and use these tools to help their families and communities. And all are welcome to do so.

To learn more about Scientology in Denmark, visit the website of the Church of Scientology Aarhus or Church of Scientology Denmark in Copenhagen.

The Scientology religion was founded by author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. The first Church of Scientology was formed in Los Angeles in 1954 and the religion has expanded to more than 11,000 Churches, Missions and affiliated groups, with millions of members in 167 countries.

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