Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Si Racha, Thailand, Helping in Good Times and Bad

Scientology Volunteer Ministers group of Si Racha, Thailand, celebrates its fourth anniversary with renewed commitment to help the community.

On the Thailand coast, 60 miles south of Bangkok, a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from the town of Si Racha are celebrating their fourth anniversary as an organized group. Over the past four years, they have gained a reputation as people you can turn to for help, no matter the circumstances.

Formed in 2010 when the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Southeast Asia Goodwill Tour visited the region, the group is active whether times are good or bad.

Active throughout the year, in February they helped the children of a local Sunday school overcome their studying and learning problems by teaching them Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard—one of the 19 subjects covered in the Scientology Handbook. That same week, they introduced the nurses of a nearby hospital to Scientology assists, techniques that address the mental and spiritual factors that precipitate and prolong illness and injury.

In 2011, when the worst monsoon in half a century swamped two-thirds of the country affecting 2.6 million people, the Volunteer Ministers worked side-by-side with disaster relief personnel, transporting food and supplies to people stranded on the roofs of their houses. They prepared and packaged meals for some of the hundreds of thousands living in shelters. And they provided Scientology assists to help disaster victims cope with stress and trauma.

Once the disaster was over, they continued working alongside local officials, accompanying them on monthly visits to outlying villages to provide needed assistance.

With their motto “No matter the problem, something can be done about it,” they help the people of the region year-round, to improve their lives, offering seminars and lectures on the practical tools contained in the Scientology Handbook.


The Volunteer Ministers program was expressly intended for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike. Anyone of any culture or creed may train as a Volunteer Minister and use these tools to help their families and communities. And all are welcome to do so.

Equipped with effective technology to resolve virtually any difficulty, Volunteer Ministers live by the motto: “No matter the problem, something can be done about it.”

Transcending all ethnic, cultural and religious boundaries, the Volunteer Ministers program is there for anyone in need of help. Volunteer Ministers training is available free of charge through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website to anyone who wishes to help others.

The Church of Scientology has published a new brochure, Scientology How We Help: Scientology Volunteer Ministers—Something Can be Done About It, to meet requests for more information about the program. To learn more or read a copy of the brochure, visit the Scientology website.

In creating the Volunteer Ministers program, L. Ron Hubbard wrote, “If one does not like the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence of this society, he can do something about it. He can become a Volunteer Minister and help civilize it, bring it conscience and kindness and love and freedom from travail by instilling into it trust, decency, honesty and tolerance.”