Free Online Scientology Volunteer Ministers Courses Now Available On Mobile Devices

Volunteer Ministers courses tailored for on-the-go access through smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

Smartphone, tablet computer and e-book users on iPhones, iPads and Android now gain instant access to life skills training free of charge through online Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses compatible with most mobile devices.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers motto is “Something can be done about it,” to which can now be added, “anywhere and right now.”

With these new technological advances, the human element that makes the Volunteer Minister courses widely popular is fully retained.

Using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live accounts, anyone can quickly log on to the course section of to begin their training. Students are empowered to study material online or through download to review at their own time and pace. After reading the materials, students watch videos, write essays and carry out practical assignments to apply the tools in their own lives and see their workability.

One of the most popular features of the courses is the one-on-one supervision from an experienced, fully trained Volunteer Minister supervisor who answers any questions along the way. When the student fills in the online form, the answers are relayed to the supervisor who reviews the lessons to ensure the student gains full understanding of the material studied and achieves the ability to apply these tools in life situations.

These features are displayed through an updated layout and design, making the new mobile user interface for the Volunteer Ministers courses easier to use and more intuitive than ever.

The 19 courses address issues surveyed as vital today. Couples whose relationships are challenged by the professional demands of one or both partners can put things back together with the Marriage Course.  When work stress heads toward crisis levels, the Tools for the Workplace Course helps students overcome anxiety.  And if the kids have become the casualties of parental professional demands, the Children Course can mend those relationships and get them back on track.

Another new feature of the Volunteer Ministers website are video presentations illustrating core principles covered in these courses—CommunicationHow to Resolve Conflicts and The Technology of Study.

For more information on the new Scientology Volunteer Ministers online courses visit the website at