Meet a Scientologist—the Exceptional Dr. Garbutt

Scientologist Alf Garbutt was named Chiropractor of the Year in 2010 by the American Chiropractic Association Rehabilitation Council.  He also has won a total of 18 martial arts world championships to date and in 2011 won a record-breaking seven gold medals in a single world championship competition.

Discipline is one of his secrets, and using that discipline to learn and do.

By the time Garbutt, now 60, enrolled in chiropractic college in 1975, he had already earned a black belt from the Japan Karate Association.  He set his sights on becoming the most highly trained doctor he could be. To accomplish this, he knew he needed to improve his comprehension and learning rate.

One day a friend, a Scientologist, mentioned that Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard had developed an entire technology of study. Garbutt insisted on learning it right away, and immediately traveled the 200 miles to the nearest Church of Scientology to enroll on a course.  It was through using this new technology that he excelled in his studies and earned the outstanding graduate award from his college.

For Garbutt, Scientology aligned completely with his goals as a doctor.

“I was just interested in making myself as able as I can be to help others as much as possible,” he says.

Another of the secrets of Garbutt’s success is his attitude.

“When I set my sites on winning or breaking a record, I don’t go about it by intimidating others or hoping the other guy will fail.  I just envision myself as already having won.  It is completely positive,” he says.

A human rights activist and member of several Scientology-sponsored human rights groups, Garbutt decided to take on a major project in India to raise human rights standards in that country in alignment with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

While continuing to care for patients and pursue his Scientology studies, Garbutt traveled to India with three colleagues in 2011 to brief federal government officials on the education curriculum of Youth for Human Rights International. He is planning to return in late 2012 to discuss serious violations of the human rights of mental health patients that he discovered in the country on a second visit last year.

Always on the go, Garbutt is proud of his accomplishments and excited about the future.

“Last year, I told my mother ‘I’m the happiest person you know.’  And it’s true.  Through Scientology I have gained the understanding of why people do what they do,” says Garbutt. “Life is not a mystery or confusion to me. And because I understand, I can help.”

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