Recognition and Naming Service

All those who now
assemble here draw close.
The purpose of this conclave
being this:
The recognition
and the naming
of this child
Born into this universe
by the action of two beings,
(father’s name) and
(mother’s name).

Born into an inheritance,
which when rightfully
shall bring to him
the knowledge and the right
to do as he would wish.

inviolate, is that which he in
later years decides.

It is the custom of our race,
that race called Man,
that when an infant, being
small and as yet unsure
of customs and of manners
now in operation in the
group and field
which he now enters,
that some other and more
adult person experienced
in all the ways and roads,
the pitfalls and the traps
that this lifetime can give,
take it upon themselves
responsibility to stand
and aid, within their
scope, the upbringing
of the child.

In normal times it is not
expected that this be
an onerous assignment,
yet there is a factor here
upon which it would be wise
to dwell.

And that is simply this:
Should such occur, that
both the parents leave
the road that they do now
envisage (for bodies are
but frail things and in
the many facets of the game
moves may go wrong)

Should such occur, then
it is the duty of these
people to stand in and
take the place of these
two parents,
so that
while not yet of blood
relation with the child
they by promises made here
will undertake the full
and careful instruction of
this child, until he has
acquired the knowledge of
his rights in full.

Are there people here
who have so promised?

You have heard me state
before the child, the parents
and those assembled here
the duty that you,
(godfather’s name)
and (godmother’s name),
have set yourselves to do.
I ask you now
to answer me direct.

Do you, (godfather’s name),
and you, (godmother’s name),
promise to give all
reasonable aid ensuring
that this child as yet
unnamed, be given every
instruction necessary
that he fulfill his heritage?
Do you?

And you the parents,
(father’s name)
and (mother’s name),
do you agree
that these can stand for you?
Do you?

So be it then.
It has been agreed.
And now the naming
of the child.

Have you four,
being those now
most concerned,
you by blood
and you by promise,
agreed upon a name?
Then tell me please.

May I take the child?

Hello to you and
welcome here.
The name you here receive
is yours to use
or discard,
as you will.
It is our gift to you.

To all of you now here I say
that this child has been
spoken for, and promises
been made
by both the parents
and these two,
who by their willingness
have now assented
to the responsibility
of ensuring that, young
(baby’s name)
here shall have, as is his right
all that we,
being of like race, form,
and nature, can endow.

And you the witnesses,
must also know,
what in brief
that endowment is.
Briefly it is thus:
That he be given every
chance, to understand
the rules by which we play
this game called life,
and further
that we all here present
arrange within our scope
the guidance and the
that we along our path
already trod, have gained.

Yet always remember this:
Young (baby’s name)’s
life is HIS
and, in the final account
it is for him to make the choice
what path he choose,
what game he play.
And should he
in later time decide,
to turn away
from that which seems
to us to be the only game
then that too is his right.

Our job is to teach
and to ensure
that he in time to come
reaches that freedom
that he can deliver of himself
the good and rightful judgment
of his fate.

We help, we teach,
and by our skills
we introduce
into our fellow being
the capacity to understand.

Let no one say,
“You must do thus and thus,
we have so decided.”

So be it then.

By witnessing his naming
you do signify that you
do welcome here the person
of (baby’s name)
as he now is called
into our recognition
and our group.

So now in final act all present
say “Hello,” and bid a
welcome to (baby’s name).

Mother, take your child
now recognized and welcomed

And let us all go each our
separate way remembering
that when we see
(baby’s name) again,
we have welcomed him
this day.

Thank you.

                                                   L. Ron Hubbard