What is the difference between the two Scientology paths of  auditing and training?

What best explains the difference between auditing and training is the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart (also known as the Grade Chart).

On the right side of the chart are various steps or “grades” a person moves through as he participates in auditing. Each grade listed has a column for “Ability Gained” that describes the increasing levels of spiritual awareness and ability rehabilitated at that stage. All is accomplished on a gradient (a gradual approach, taken step by step). In this way, states of being which are seemingly “too high above one” can be achieved with relative ease.

The left-hand side of the chart describes the gradient steps of training through which one gains the knowledge and abilities necessary to minister each level to others. Every training service listed includes a description of the subject matter for that level. In training, one is learning about the various facets of life (the Eight Dynamics) with a view to helping others.

These two different paths parallel each other. Optimally, a person follows both paths.

The chart is a guide for the individual from the point they first enter Scientology, and shows the basic sequence in which to proceed with their auditing and training services.