Meet a Scientologist—Agneta Ståhl: A Satisfying and Successful Life

Agneta Ståhl measures her success by how well those around her are doing—particularly her family. Her video is one of more that 200 “Meet a Scientologist” videos on

Being the best possible mother was always top priority for Agneta Ståhl.

In her “Meet a Scientologist” video, Ståhl stresses how Scientology has helped her create a fine family, with children who are self-determined and succeeding in their own chosen paths.

Ståhl grew up in Skåne, Sweden, and first heard about Scientology in 1978 when a friend loaned her Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.

“I always had a lot of questions about life—Where do we come from? Why do we do what we do? What is the cause of irrational behavior?” says Ståhl.

Dianetics, with its description of the reactive mind—the portion of the mind that works on a stimulus-response basis and is not under a person’s volitional control—answered those questions.

“I saw why there were things about myself and my life that I didn’t like,” says Ståhl. “I could see Dianetics would help me become more myself.”

Always good with people, Ståhl finds her work as a human resources consultant specializing in the hiring of personnel very gratifying. But even though son Alexander, 25, is now out on his own, and daughter Frida, 17, though still living at home while at college is very self-sufficient, she still considers being their mother as her most important “job.”

“Dianetics helped me help them through the rough times,” she says. “In Scientology you learn there are three parts to man: the spirit, or thetan, the mind and the body. I could view my children as individuals, no matter the size of their bodies. When they acted irrationally or had childhood tantrums or upsets, I knew that wasn’t them. I could simply confront what was going on and work with them to sort things out.”

Ståhl, 52, and husband Kurt attribute the success of their marriage of 25 years to a principle they learned in Scientology—that a marriage is only successful when husband and wife continue to create it.

Trained as a Scientology spiritual counselor, or auditor— “one who listens,” from Latin audire, to listen—what Ståhl likes most is to help.

“That’s what makes it all worthwhile—helping people become more causative, more able, more themselves,” says Ståhl.

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