Dr. Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh Provides Spiritual and Physical Care

Dr. Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh found in Scientology the perfect complement to his medical training: a way to address the spiritual aspects of life to truly help others.

Chih-Yuan (Oliver) Hsueh became a medical doctor so he could save lives. But to do so, he had to overcome a considerable challenge.

“I had to study very hard—only one in 10,000 applicants is accepted each year in Taiwan medical colleges,” he says.

He was that one in 10,000 students accepted. But in spite of having accomplished an important personal goal, he was not a happy man. Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem made life difficult. Then he found an answer that changed his life dramatically.

“In a tea house in Taichung City I read a flier—it really got me thinking,” says Hsueh. “It said: ‘Your personality affects your future, your relationships and your life.’ This made so much sense to me. I wondered if this could provide me some relief.”

The flier, from the Church of Scientology Mission of Taichung, included questions aimed at helping people evaluate the way they deal with relationships, how they react in different circumstances, and how they feel about themselves. He answered the questions, mailed it in and went to the Mission to learn more.

“When I received the results, I was amazed how accurate they were,” says Hsueh. “It helped me pinpoint what I needed to handle. And even better, the Mission provided courses to overcome the very shortcomings I wanted to address.”

Hsueh enrolled on the Personal Values and Integrity Course and after only three hours on course he was amazed at how good he felt.

“Suddenly I felt happy,” he says. “I became very interested in L. Ron Hubbard, the man who developed such effective technology. I wanted to learn it all.”

Hsueh says the communication skills he gained in Scientology made it much easier for him to help his patients—they appreciated his care and knew he understood them and was helping them—not just their bodies. On completing his training and interning, he decided to share what he had gained personally and professionally with friends and colleagues.

“Through lectures and spiritual counseling, I disseminated Dianetics and Scientology to my fellow doctors and nurses,” says Hsueh. “We formed a club, and more than 40 of us met weekly.”

In 1994, Hsueh decided to open a Scientology Mission in Kaohsiung, to ensure his colleagues had access to Scientology services in their own city. Since then he has also opened two other Missions in Taiwan—in the cities of Taichung and Pingtung.

“Scientology Missions make it possible to help people improve their lives in a way medicine alone can never do. Through Scientology courses and spiritual counseling—auditing—they find hope, real help, and true spiritual freedom,” he says.

Hsueh’s wife shares his dedication to the Scientology religion. Married for 13 years, they use Scientology principles to create a stable, loving environment for themselves and their 11-year-old son. And they work together to improve conditions in the world around them.

“Scientology contains the technology and tools to overcome the problems we face in society today. Drugs, depression, crime, illiteracy and learning disorders, violence in the family and on the street, immorality—there are effective tools for these pressing social and personal issues,” says Hsueh, who is enormously proud of the seven consecutive annual national awards the Church of Scientology has received from the Taiwan government for its humanitarian and community activities.

“Scientology means life itself to me,” says Hsueh. “Without it, my life would be full of problems and upsets. With it I have the tools to create a beautiful future for myself, my family, friends, colleagues and country—a future full of full of hope, where people can free themselves of problems and gain happiness and enlightenment.”

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