Seattle Scientologists Reach Out With Real Solutions on Overdose Awareness Day

Church of Scientology Seattle brings the community together to coordinate action to tackle the growing overdose crisis in Washington State.

At a community open house at the Church of Scientology Seattle, Capt. Steve Strand, West Precinct Commander with the Seattle Police Department, presented startling statistics about drug use and overdose in Washington State.

Seattle Police Department West Precinct Commander Capt. Steve Strand presented startling Washington State statistics about drug use and overdose at a community open house at the Church of Scientology Seattle.
Seattle Police Department West Precinct Commander Capt. Steve Strand briefed those attending a community open house at the Church of Scientology Seattle about Washington State’s overdose crisis.

Data released this year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that Washington State experienced the single highest increase among U.S. states in reported drug overdose deaths between February 2022 and February 2023: an increase of 21.42 percent.

Researchers at the University of Washington reported that in 2022, fentanyl was involved in 90 percent of opioid overdoses in Washington State and 65 percent of all overdose deaths. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in Washington State, outnumbering deaths from vehicle collisions and firearms.

“With overdose deaths on the rise in our state, we are redoubling our efforts to bring our message of prevention through drug education,” said Dave Scattergood, who coordinates the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s Truth About Drugs campaign in the state.

“Budget cuts and other factors have made it difficult to fund drug education and prevention measures,” said Scattergood, “but it remains imperative that we reach our youth through seminars, open houses, conferences, fairs, festivals and other outlets so they understand the danger of fentanyl in particular, and how young people can keep themselves and others safe.”

Sean Burke, who also volunteers with Foundation for a Drug-Free World, shared his enthusiasm with open house attendees about the cross-country tour he and other volunteers are launching this month to place drug education materials in the hands of educators from Arizona to Texas, New York to Florida and many points between. Volunteers will bring these effective tools to dozens of conferences this fall.

Foundation for a Drug-Free World provides its award-winning Truth About Drugs resources free of charge to educators, parents, school resource officers, nonprofits and community leaders.

The Truth About Drugs campaign includes:

  • 14 youth-friendly booklets presenting facts on the most commonly abused drugs
  • Public service announcements
  • The feature-length Truth About DrugsReal People, Real Stories documentary
  • The Truth About Drugs education curriculum—an ideal supplemental aid for teachers, instructors and drug prevention specialists
  • The Truth About Drugs online courses in 20 languages

These resources are available free of charge on the website of Foundation for a Drug-Free World. All audiovisual components can be accessed through the Scientology Network, which also features episodes of the original series Voices for Humanity showcasing drug prevention activists who use the Truth About Drugs campaign around the world. Scientology Network is available on DIRECTV Channel 320, DIRECTV STREAM, AT&T U-verse and can be streamed at, on mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms. The network has been viewed in 240 countries and territories worldwide in 17 languages, satisfying the curiosity of people about the Scientology religion and Founder L. Ron Hubbard, the religion’s beliefs and practices, and the humanitarian and social betterment programs the Church supports.

The Church of Scientology Seattle was dedicated in July 2010 by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige. The Church works extensively with other religions, nonprofits and officials on programs to uplift and benefit the community. For more information on the Church of Scientology Seattle, visit their website at

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