What are Celebrity Centre Churches and how are they different from other Churches of Scientology?

Celebrity Centres were established as Church organizations specifically founded to provide Scientology services to artists, athletes and leaders in the business world.

L. Ron Hubbard once wrote, “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.”As an artist himself, Mr. Hubbard understood only too well just how important those dreams are to the creative person. He recognized, as well, that artists supply the spark of creativity and the vision of what could be leading us all into tomorrow.

Thus, by improving the lives of artists, great progress can be made in bettering the condition of society—for any artist with an increased ability to communicate, who is drug-free and exhibits high moral standards, imparts a positive influence on many others.

Particularly reflective of how L. Ron Hubbard viewed the artist and his role in rebuilding a troubled society are the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centres.

Mr. Hubbard founded these special Churches to offer all religious services available in any other Scientology Church in an environment particularly amenable to the artist. Thus, no matter how famous an artist may be, they will be able to pursue Dianetics and Scientology in the distraction-free and secure setting of the Celebrity Centre.

Celebrity Centres also provide special services to help artists—both accomplished and novice—apply Scientology principles to their fields and thereby help them improve their ability to effect a positive influence on society. These Churches further provide the up-and-coming celebrity with venues for the production of theatrical performances, literary readings and concerts.

The largest of these Churches, Celebrity Centre International, is located in Hollywood, California, and ministers to parishioners in the arts, entertainment, athletics and business. Celebrity Centre International also provides ecclesiastical management assistance to the worldwide Celebrity Centre network of Churches.

One’s religion is an entirely private matter and it is not the Church’s duty or desire to publicly discuss who is or is not a Scientologist. Many Scientology celebrities are outspoken in their support of the Church and humanitarian initiatives, but that is exclusively their choice.