If Clears no longer have a reactive mind, why do they still need to participate in auditing?

There are many more states of awareness and ability that can be achieved above the state of Clear, as one is only Clear on the First Dynamic.

Beyond Clear is a state of existence known as Operating Thetan or OT. By Operating is meant “able to act and handle things” and by Thetan is meant “the spiritual being that is the basic self.” The state of OT is attained by proceeding through a series of gradient steps, each one slightly more advanced than the last and each with its own ability gained.

As Mr. Hubbard wrote:

“It is hard for Man to grasp even that these states exist. He has no literature about them really or any vocabulary for them.

“But they do exist.

“Reach for them and you’ll see.

“Once one starts going up, there is no wish to stop. The whiff of freedom and the total reality of it after all this time is too strong.”